Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula

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Abstract: Population: 7. Abstract: Population: 4,, Panel Size: panel homes. Abstract: Population: 2. Abstract: If any technical problems appear in the AGB Nielsen Media Research software, client support will guarantee by our technical team. Your problems is also our problems. If you found any problems or some error message,please contac.

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Abstract: One or more event scheduling like a certain one actually under analysis did exist in the past? What audience could get a certain programme considering the past case-history? What type of programme mostly packs in the audience if compared with the counterscheduling? TeleMove allows the evaluation of the impact of one or more events on the audience of a certain channel by removing them from the event scheduling.

This software will calculate the audience of that time band again taking into consideration the minutes eliminated taking off those events. The database is weekly updated via FTP on the Internet and becomes richer and richer with new information. During the training course, we will provide you with more information of the industry and market as well as help you to understand the the skill of TAM data analysis.

Abstract: The panel is a statistical sample of the universe to be measured represented by all individuals aged 4 or more years, living in private households with at least 1 TV set, without distinction by race, language, nationality or socio-economic status, and independent of telephone ownership. These homes provide the statistical estimates of television viewing, upon which the TAM data is based. The panel is a continuous representative sample of families, from which individual TV viewing data is extracted.

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The peoplem. Abstract: The peoplemeter measurement technology surpasses all previous measurement methods and today predominates over all other TAM methodologies worldwide. This means moving. Abstract: Trainig Programs: Training in handling programs too. This pre-survey defines the number of individual population of TV owner as the number of potential audience who have opportunity to watch.

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While the TAM data produced, using Pollux, from the information collected by the peoplemeter, provides individual-by-individual, minute-by-minute audience data, it does not associate this viewing with particular television events - programs. The TV Event system offers an efficient and very reliable suite of tools for the creation, collection and maintenance of high qualities TV events database.

Abstract: Regional Weekly Ratings Reports are now available! For additional media enquiries please contact Ian McDonald on. Abstract: Our mission is to establish a common currency used by TV Stations, Media Planners and Advertisers for their advertising transactions. What does this mean? Nielsen TV Audience Measurement was established to determine the viewing behaviour of the New Zealand TV audience and thereby establish a 'rating' for each programme broadcast.

This 'rating' becomes the currency that facilitates the purchase and sale of TV broadcast time. How is this done? In general terms,. Abstract: As our mission states, our task is to define a common currency based on reliable, transparent, independent audience measurement system What does this mean? Nielsen TV Audience Measurement has been established. It is delivering well on a consistent basis and the design remains the most relevant base for the foreseeable. The agreement to form a new joint venture was previously announced on August 5, The annual Workshop attracted some delegates, and included an interactive program that discussed the future of television in China.

The extension begins in September Abstract: In Ireland, AGB Nielsen Media Research has been granted a two year extension to its current television audience measurement contract, from 1st September until 31st August Abstract: Singapore, July 27, - AGB Nielsen Media Research today announced that it would cease providing its television audience measurement rating service in Singapore effective the end of July By the end of , it is expected that nearly one third of the current household panel will be installed with UNITAM.

By the end of , this upgrade in metering technology should have been implemented in so.

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Abstract: Conversion from off-line to on-line service was completed by end 4Q in the 6 Chinese market cities. Although the resulting company would be one of the three leading providers of TV ratings in Europe, the Commission concluded that t. Abstract: Dr. Abstract: Arianna keeps evolving with version 6, to be released later this year.

Based on the feedback, collected from Arianna users worldwide, numerous new features will be implemented in this version. Abstract: After a month of trial, daily ratings officially launched in March , enabling the industry to monitor its programme movements more intensively and rapidly. Abstract: ISO is the new international standard for organisations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research.

It establishes Industry terms and definitions as well as the service requirements. The data which is being produced on an overnight basis from those Provinces that have already been completed highlight how this new TAM service offers a far more comprehensive insight into the strengths of the various channels. The expansion of the panel to incorporate the rural areas shows important, if not dramatic increases, in the population coverage and consistently substantial increases in daily viewing. But wha. Abstract: The Nielsen Company and WPP have today jointly announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to swap certain assets.

Abstract: Nielsen has announced the launch of its research and development program in China, which aims to drive innovation in methodologies in industries such as digital media measurement. Abstract: August 24th has been, and with it, the close of the Beijing Olympic Games. Abstract: The Beijing Olympics have greatly affected the audiences of China; meanwhile, TV was pushing forward the audience activities to understand their focus of Olympic events.

According to data from AGB Nielsen Media Research, male and female audiences show significant differences in their preference of Olympic Games coverage. Abstract: Phelps realized his dream of eight gold medals with the advantage of 0. However, the Chinese audiences obviously paid more attention to Yao Ming.

The new AGB Nielsen Media Research contract foresees the introduction of a full overnight data service, in that clients will have access to minute-by-minute, individual by individual data for all programmes, breaks and spots the following day. The rural areas will also be included in the new national panel.

Following the evaluation of the report, the EEET published an official statement, highlighting the main points in the above mentioned report. Abstract: First generation mobile telephony systems using analogue signals, but with the digitisation of the control link between the mobile phone and the cell transmission sites. Abstract: Extension of 2G systems through use of 2. Abstract: Second generation mobile telephony systems offering better quality at lower costs to the consumer through the digitisation of the signal and supporting voice, low speed data connections and short messaging services.

GSM is the most widely used 2G standard. Abstract: An organisation representing the interests of advertising agencies in the US. Abstract: Australian Bureau of Statistics. Abstract: US term for dedicated 'public service' channels set aside by cable companies for non-discriminatory access to the network by the public, government agencies or educational institutions. Abstract: Peoplemeter measurement that registers viewer presence by means of remote control push-button handsets, where panel members are instructed to press at the beginning and end of each viewing session.

Each person family member belonging to the panel is assigned their own button for purposes of individual identification, whilst additional buttons on the remote control handset are reserved for recording guest viewing.


Today, all peoplemeter panels collecting audience data for TV advertising and programme purpo. Abstract: Actual viewing of an ad by the user.

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Abstract: A variant of DSL, ADSL is a data communication technology that enables faster data transmission over copper telephone lines than a conventional voiceband modem can provide. It does this using frequencies that are not used by a voice telephone call. Abstract: Reception of off-air terrestrial transmissions by means of a collective aerial MATV or an individual household aerial that may be located a externally e.

AGF includes joint industry representation on the board and in the supervising committees. Abstract: Processed viewing data that have been converted into total viewing estimates e. Abstract: Computational procedure that usually involves a number of steps.

For example, the "Algorithm for calculating ratings" is simply the set of sequential steps of computation for calculating ratings from the "raw" viewing data. Abstract: General term for all radio frequency wave signals in the form of continuously variable quantities.

Analogue signal information is superimposed on a modulated carrier wave unlike digital signals which are made up of discrete pulses. Abstract: A structure or devise used to receiving or transmitting electromagnetic waves.

Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula
Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula Cable TV Advertising: In Search of the Right Formula

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