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Flask is a lightweight Web framework written in Python and it has since become one of most widely used Python web frameworks for start-ups, and a perfect tool for quick and simple solutions in most businesses. Flask aims at keeping the core of the framework small but highly extensible thus writing application or extensions very easily and flexible, while empowering developer to choose their own configuration for their application.


We will use Google App Engine on a standard environment. Make sure billing is enabled for your project. A billing account needs to be linked to your project in order for the application to be deployed to App Engine. You have successfully tested your application locally.

Over 80 proven recipes and techniques for Python web development with Flask, 2nd Edition

The sample app. For Python 2.

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If you have not install the necessary libraries into the virtual environment, you can use the code below. The environment should be activated first and access it using the terminal, command prompt etc to install the new dependencies based on the requirements.

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  8. He is passionate about open source technologies and writes highly readable and quality code. He is a major contributor to some very popular open source applications.

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    He is also active in voluntary training for engineering students on nonconventional and open source topics. When not working with full-time assignments, he consults for start-ups on leveraging different technologies. You'll discover different ways of using Flask to create, deploy, and manage microservices.

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    This Flask Python book starts by covering the different configurations that a Flask application can make use of, and then helps you work with templates and learn about the ORM and view layers. You'll also be able to write an admin interface and get to grips with debugging and logging errors. Finally, you'll grasp a variety of deployment and post-deployment techniques for platforms such as Apache, Tornado, and Heroku. By the end of this book, you'll have gained all the knowledge you need to write Flask applications in the best possible way and scale them using standard industry practices.

    What you will learn Explore web application development in Flask, right from installation to post-deployment stages Make use of advanced templating and data modeling techniques Discover effective debugging, logging, and error handling techniques in Flask Integrate Flask with different technologies such as Redis, Sentry, and MongoDB Deploy and package Flask applications with Docker and Kubernetes Design scalable microservice architecture using AWS LambdaContinuous integration and Continuous deployment Who this book is forIf you are a web developer who wants to learn more about developing scalable and production-ready applications in Flask, this is the book for you.

    You'll also find this book useful if you are already aware of Flask's major extensions and want to use them for better application development. Basic Python programming experience along with basic understanding of Flask is assumed.

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    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook
    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook
    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook
    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook
    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook
    Flask Framework Cookbook Flask Framework Cookbook

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