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Real World article written from a Production point of view.

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Contents [ show ]. According to screenwriter Roberto Orci , the line " I'm a doctor, not a physicist, " was one of several "nods" to the original series that the writers tried to make seem natural, rather than shoehorned-in efforts to win goodwill from the fans. According to the official Robert Picardo website X , during Picardo 's audition, the final scripted line for the reading was, " I believe someone has failed to terminate my program, " and he finished his audition with the ad libbed " I'm a doctor, not a nightlight.

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He later recalled, " When I read that script I just thought it was a joke. Then I was told on the set this is a Bones line. I guess I remember him saying lines like that.

He remembered, " I suggested the 'I'm a doctor, not a voyeur' line, which also made it into [an] episode. By the end of the second season of Voyager , Robert Picardo had become aware of the audience's appreciation for these lines and had invented a version that ultimately never made it into an episode. The actor commented, " The audience seems to get a kick out of whenever I invoke the spirit of Dr.

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The line has been misquoted in media as " Damn it, Jim, I'm a doctor… " although McCoy never used this expletive in the series. However this version of the line was eventually used by the alternate reality Leonard McCoy. While the character of Dr.

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McCoy arguably made the phrase "I'm a doctor …" part of the common lexicon, he was not the first fictional doctor, or even the first character on the big screen, to use the phrase. Doremus, the coroner at the scene of the titular crime, states " I'm a doctor, not a magician " and " I'm a doctor, not a detective " within five minutes of his first appearance.

The latter line was also uttered by Dr.

It is unclear whether these particular dialogue artifacts were progenitors of McCoy's famous phrase. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Real World article written from a Production point of view. Groups outside of the county are welcome to complete the challenge badge and will receive badges in return for feedback.

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However, you may already know a physicist who could help. Or try your local observatory, university or science museum for contacts or a visit. We are trying to get a physicist to as many groups in Nottinghamshire requesting help as possible. Please bear with us as visits are in high demand.

A Physicist Said Women's Brains Make Them Worse at Physics — Experts Say That's 'Laughable'

You can help us by specifying in your email: where you are, the number of girls in the group and some suggested dates for a visit. Also please consider combining with other groups as larger groups will get priority. Or arrange a visit to your local observatory or a science museum such as Green's Mill or Leicester Space Centre.

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