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Modern World of Darkness is considered any time period post Victorian Age to present day. Nonfiction Other Books Magazines Audiobooks 3. Collectibles Comics Non-Sport Trading Cards Advertising Decorative Collectibles 9. Disneyana 7. Pez, Keychains, Promo Glasses 3. Historical Memorabilia 3. Militaria 2. Postcards 2. Paper 1. Pinbacks, Bobbles, Lunchboxes 1. Autographs 1.

Vintage, Retro, Mid-Century 1. Men's Clothing Women's Clothing Costumes, Reenactment, Theatre Vintage 5. Men's Accessories 3. Automotive Music Crafts Entertainment Memorabilia Tony doubted it had power anything. He felt the weight of his chest pushing back into the seat as the engine slowly moved up through the gears. A glance down at the dash left him mostly confused; the gauges didnt have numbers or letters he recognized, except for one. The gas gauge set flat on E.

Still, he was getting away, and for about half a minute, he felt like his luck had turned for the better. He just needed to put some miles between him and the cops, ditch this car and then thats when he noticed the flashing lights behind him. Tony punched the accelerator again, and the car took off with a snarl.

It was as if he was willing the traffic out of his way. As he approached, the cars would suddenly dart out of the lane, but then move back in behind him. It was fuckin weird.


In no time, the flashing lights faded far into the distance. He knew that he had to get off the interstate before they called in a helicopter; he took the next exit, though he had to fight the wheel a bit. He debated for a moment, then decided to head north up or 83, get into the country and ditch the car.

No, first he needed gas, and so he began scanning the road. Tony wanted nothing too busy, no cops, but he didnt want to stand out either. Thats when he glanced down at the gauge again. It was resting now between a quarter and half full. He let out an involuntary, What the? Maybe he had been too scared, too strung out; maybe the frickin gauge was busted.

He was tired, and as he moved to the out- skirts of town, he found what he was looking for: a Petro with two cars parked out front, no cops and an island with no cars. Again, he had to fight the wheel, but he managed to get the 7 car over and parked. He turned off the ignition, but left the key in. Thats when he noticed that the driver door handles didnt work.

Neither did the passenger side. He had decided to climb out the back, risk- ing the glass, when Tony noticed that the rear window wasnt broken any more.

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He thought to himself, Fuck, did I imagine that too? How strung out am I?

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Tony climbed over into the back seat any- way and checked those doors nothing worked, the latches, the windows, nothing. Then he re- membered the woman fumbling at the door. Was she was trying to get out? The engine turned itself on. Tony felt the terror swell in his guts and without thinking, he rolled over on his back and started kicking the window.

His shoes skidded around, streaking the grime on the glass, but it held. He kicked until his legs burned before giving up. Even with the tears at the side of his eyes, he almost laughed, thinking about the Petro attendant watching him trying to get out of the car. He forced himself to take a breath and say, Calm down, man, this aint what it looks like. The electronics of this wreck have got to be fucked up, everything on the car is fucked. God, how long had he been in there?

Someone was going to come over soon as much as he has been rocking it.

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Thats what he needed to be worried about, not the goddamn boogeyman. He looked back at the dash. The gas gauge was a little lower. Beyond the black orbs in the dash and across the parking lot, he saw a new car in the lot. A police car. The lights of Tonys car flickered to high and back to low beams pointed right at the police. The passenger side of the cruiser opened, and a cop, a black man, got out of the car with his flashlight, his hand shielding his eyes from the glare of Tonys lights.

He started to walk toward him. He heard a slithering sound, and the seat belt unrolled from the crevice and hung there. It wants me back behind the wheel. With a Fuck this! Shielding his face with his other arm, Tony pulled the trigger. The blast punched a golf-ball-sized hole in the back window, and the sound sent the cop running back around his cruiser.

Tony screamed and jumped back over the seat and gripped the wheel. He couldnt budge it. The ac- celerator and brake flopped down and back limply. Tony felt the belts move against his side; with a groan of resignation, he grabbed them and fastened himself in. The engine roared to life as he saw the black cop reappear from the passenger side with a shotgun.

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The car leapt into the drivers side of the police cruiser, slamming it sideways. The shotgun fired high as the man was flung back by the impact.

Tony swore that he could almost feel the car chewing on the side of the cop car. Then the Chevy-thing backed off and sped back down the highway. Tony was filled with terror, not to mention the need to escape. The gauge now read between half and three quarters, and it was rising. The hole in the back of the window was already gone. Tony sat there looking at his phone. His hands shook now, and he tried hard to remember the date this all started.

His phone said Friday the 10th.

Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)
Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG) Skinchangers (The World of Darkness RPG)

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