The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)

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The performance of the Narrator is fantastic, the different voices are great, the additional music wonderful and the sound effects make you feel like your in the story itself. I've listened to a lot of audio books and this was one of the better performed stories. The Rookie is one of the best audiobooks I have listened to period. What did you like best about this story? There are too many highlights to list.

Basically I am a Sigler junkie and love this series. Any additional comments? It's a fabulous romp which I first listened to as a podcast. Since then I have bought the hardcover and the audiobook. The Rookie was certainly very entertaining. I especially liked the "radio drama" style production. A fun story, but with serious undertones. I struggle to finish audiobooks sometimes because of the narrator but Scott Sigler is amazing.

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This book was great and his energy that he put into reading this made it even better i would highly recommend this to anyone looking for something to read or listen to. Love the whole series of books, my favorite books!

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I will be encouraging my kids and their kids to listen to these books. Do you like football? Do you like Sci-Fi? If you answered yes to both these questions, then this book will be a good read for you.

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Well written and intriguing story of character growth and maturity using a combo of the sport and sci-fi platforms. Perfectly delivered by the author himself! A most enjoyable experience. Someone I know who is an internet fan of Scott Sigler suggested I read this so I checked it out and have now listened to all 5 books currently available in the series. This is not the best writing in the world and I am not a football fan, but this is so entertaining, that I was really sorry to get to the end.

However, as age and a little wisdom crept into my life I was more and more disturbed by the level of violence in football on and off the field Michael Vick and the serious injuries that resulted and have lost my taste for the game. However, I have to admit, that if I had a chance to see a Galactic Football game can you imagine seeing a player leap 20 feet in the air to catch a pass?

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The basic premise is simple if a bit silly - far in the future an alien race has conquered most of colonized space which includes 5 different sentient beings including humans. They want to find a way to unite these varied groups of sentients, many of whom hate each other, and they do it through a Galactic Football League. The story is about the League, these many types of "people", a coming threat to all the sentients, and most especially it is a great coming of age story of one boy, Quentin Barnes. If you like soft sci-fi with some great aliens, lots of action, and some great characters, you're probably going to really enjoy The Rookie.

Kind of goes without saying that if you love football, you will probably get a kick out of this book, but you really don't have to be a fan to enjoy the story. It does help a little if you know the basics of football, but that probably isn't really necessary to enjoy the story. I had only two problems with the series: 1.

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Quentin Barnes is presented with many opportunities to expand his mind and make choices. He doesn't always make the right choices, but he eventually grows in ways that make him easy to like and understand. However, I draw the line at having to accept that other people's cultures are always OK. One group of aliens in the book eats live animals - not because their biology requires that just because that's what they like. I think the book takes accepting other cultures maybe a step too far - some cultures include child slavery, no education for girls, caste systems and that's just not OK in my book.

Our own culture encourages eating and drinking to excess along with a lot of other ugly things and that's not OK either. I just don't think open-mindedness means you have to turn a blind eye to cruelty or stupidity or discrimination. While the value systems portrayed are mostly quite positive and most parents would be happy with "moral messages" woven into the narrative, there is a LOT of violence both on and off the field in these books.

Players are maimed a guy has his leg bit off!

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I would never recommend the books for someone as young as 10 - I think older teens would be OK. With those two issues said, the series is extremely entertaining, really funny some great satire on sports journalism , and the audio presentation is wonderful - totally pulls you into the story. I was surprised how much I enjoyed The Rookie and all of its sequels. Loved this book and I have never watched American football before but it did not mater. Worth listening to. I can watch american football that's right they don't play football ; but listening is very hard.

I was told that this was scifi through american football. But it's more like football with a small trimming with scifi. If you don't watch football, don't know the tems, you wild probably get lost one of the many times they're listing of numbers like a stats course.

It's a decent story with a good performance. But I'm not that into it because I'm not that into football. If I did like football, I would enjoy this a lot more. Perfect now I have like 5 more books to buy.. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Scott Sigler. Narrated by: Scott Sigler. Series: Galactic Football League , Book 1. Length: 14 hrs and 7 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Set in a lethal pro football league years in the future, The Rookie is a story that combines the intense gridiron action of Any Given Sunday with the space opera style of Star Wars and the criminal underworld of The Godfather.

Narrator Contagious Infected The Starter. The Rookie. Edit these tags. Ling's huddled up during the time out then hit the line in a 3 wide receiver shotgun the defense settled in like an invading Army in a weighted the signal to attack.

Galactik Football Unforgetable Moments

Mazzara check we've only got a few minutes left can't you just try to knock it off massage your ass anal retentive accountant you know what I give up I'm sorry you can't leave the booth the game is still on well folks here now I'm play-by-play and is in the shotgun and he looks nervous he's going to come up with two touchdowns in less than 40 seconds he drops back looking looking he's going deep to Norful the past look short and interception that's the Ballgame folks beer things are headed to the showers.

FREE 0 stars. Podcast Audiobook 27 Episodes Minutes Total. This legacy Podiobooks. Story Elements. Scott Sigler. More books by Scott.

The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1) The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)
The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1) The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)
The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1) The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)
The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1) The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)
The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1) The Rookie (Galactic Football League, Book 1)

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