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The Venetians In Athens From The Istoria Of Cristoforo Ivanovich

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I t was the unanimous opinion that there was neither time nor money to construct permanent fortifications around the lower town, and that the inhabitants must be deported to save them from the Turks, but that the houses should be left standing, so that the Greeks might not feel that they were cut off from all hope of return. These decisions were submitted to the Senate by Morosini in his letter of January sixth.

After the passage quoted by Laborde, ending with the words barbarie de nemici, the letter continues : Firmata la deliberatione predeta col pic vivo compatimento verso la costitutione di queste benemerite genti s hebbe anco pietoso riguardo a1 possibil lor0 sollievo, onde f u inoltre dichiarito farli trasportare in alcuna parte della Morea, et assegnarle mod0 sufficiente a1 vivere de pic bisognosi, cosi che riconoscano la paterna predilettione della Sereniti Vostra nel sovvenire alle loro indigenze, Fatti chiamare percib alla mia presenza i Primati, e partecipatogli quanto s era divisato di praticare per consolatione e servitio lor0 commune, li vado tutta via istillando con dolcezza 1 accomodarsi alla necessitA, che cod vuole, et a ricevere con buona sofferenza il cambiamento della sorte, a che Dio Signore li destina, mentre della Santa Sua Providenza e delle assistenze caritatevoli del piG religioso Principe del Mondo non puon mai diffidare.

Mentre perb sono ancora perplessi e confusi nel prescieglier il luogo da ricovrarsi in Morea, succede, che a maggiore stordimento loro e mio pih fastidioso imbarazzo si intenda, sparsa in varie parti d esso Regno 1 apparenza del morbo infesto. The contents of this letter caused the Venetian government much anxiety, not only on account of the reappearance of the plague in the Morea, but as Teglia said, pih di tutto il tenore delle ultime del Signor Capitano Generale che rappresenta la resolutione di demolire Atene.

Guasconi, who had reported on February fourth the receipt of the letter of January sixth and the plan to remove the Athenians, wrote on the seventh that the Senate had determined to reply to Morosini that they would regret the destruction of Athens and the abandonment of such a pleasant country, but that they would leave the decision in his hands, only raccomandoli in tal caso di assistere e ben trattare quei benemerenti popoli, e dargli larga ricompensa di terreni e abitationi in Morea.

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This recommendation was in accord with the feelings of Morosini, who seems to have regretted sincerely the measures which he felt compelled to take, and on March eighteenth wrote to the Senate, conturbate perb tutte queste genti dal fatal destino, che con misera condittione le forza per hora snidarsi dalla patria, cade necessariamente anco la raggione dastringerle a rilasciar il g i i patuito tributo, se anzi non posso che a1 vivo compatirle, et assister caritatevolniente all infeliciti dell attual suo stato. The Inquisitori di Stato were silent on this topic until the Avviso of March thirteenth, which reported that letters of February second from Athens, after describing the construction of a wall and trench across the peninsula of the Piraeus, continued: Si erano fatti varii progetti per il quid inde dAtene vastissima di case; e come il fortificarne qualche portione niente vale, e cosi non potendosi fare il molto, restavano persuasi quei habitanti di citti tanto antica e maravigliosa a ritirare le migliori sostante e famiglie inhabili altrove per assicurarle da ogni insulto, quando si levari di la 1 armata - - - et a gl altri si davano larmi, che formarono un gran corpo da resistere all incursioni de Turchi.

Sickness was rife and increasing in the army, and it was obviously imperative to move at once to more healthy quarters, yet Morosini rightly felt that it was impossible for the troops to leave until the Athenians had been placed in safety. The presence of plague, or at any rate of fever, and its effect upon the movements of the army are passed over in silence by Ivanovich, as they are by the Avvisi which during the winter and early spring repeat in slightly varying forms assurances of the perfect health of the army. Quite exceptionally Rome was informed on February twenty-first that in Athens si erano scoperte due case col ma1 contagioso, dicevasi introdottovi da Turchi ad arte, ma fattesi per ordine del Signore Capitano Generale incendiare, non era passato piG avanti ; but this indiscretion, due to some knowledge of Morosinis letter of January sixth, was not repeated in the other letters from Venice.

Morosinis dispatches and the minutes of the Council of W a r tell a different story. In the late summer of the plague had appeared at various points in the Morea and this, as we have seen, had led to the decision to keep the army in Athens for the winter; but although on December seventeenth Morosini wrote in some anxiety that the plague was said to have reached Thebes, it was not until the end of the month that suspicious cases occurred among the Greeks of Athens. Morosini took prompt measures, as is shown by his letter of January sixth, where after mentioning a fresh outbreak at Nauplia, he continues: A questo sinistro caso aggiontosi certo sospetto occorso in Atene di due persone morte con qualche indicio, sebene doppo d essersi fatta di mio ordine dalla pontualiti dell Illustrissimo.

Signor Proveditore Estraordinario Dolfino incendiar la casa colle due pic contigue, non s it inteso, Lode all Altissimo, altra infausta insorgenza. In fact while naturally anxious about the possibility of an epidemic in the army, he seems to have been chiefly troubled by the fear that these outbreaks in the Morea and elsewhere might delay the sending of reinforcements for the next campaign, just as a year earlier fear of the plague had diverted the Papal, Florentine, and Maltese contingents from his army to that of his rival Cornaro in Dalmatia.

Although Locatelli l8 asserts that by January fifth a Lazaretto had been established, and that the plague was increasing, especially among the northern troops, where the characteristic swellings were not recognized by the doctors and were treated as abscesses, it would seem that the measures taken were effective, for a long letter of Morosini, written on February twelfth, is chiefly devoted to plans for the next campaign, and merely notes that the plague in the Morea is decreasing and may be expected to end soon, presservandosi intanto, colla protettione del Cielo, non meno 1 armata di terra che di mare immune da disastri, et in una salute, che mai nei sverni passati s it goduta ; nor do the minutes of the Council of W a r held on the same date contain references to any epidemic in the army at Athens.

Immediately after this Council Morosini went to Nauplia. When he returned on March fourteenth,20 he found that the situation had changed for the worse. Dolfin reported an increase of suspicious cases and the need of special precautions against the spread of the disease. A Council of W a r on March fifteenth decided to continue the segregation of all doubtful cases in Athens, to hasten the departure of the Athenians, and if matters grew worse, to bring the troops down to the coast behind the recently constructed trench, which would cut off communications with the country.

On March twentieth they voted that the artillery from the Acropolis and the heavy baggage should be brought down at once, so that there might be no obstacle to a prompt departure. Morosini, however, in his two letters of March eighteenth, in which he defends the decision to abandon the Acropolis as well as Athens and discusses questions of organization, does not dwell on any increased danger to the health of the army, and his letter of the nineteenth, which is chiefly occupied with the affairs of Mistra, merely reports the decision of the Council to withdraw the troops, quando, tolga il Cielo, prendessero maggior piede i sospetti non per anco resi tali, che vagliono a stabilire di maligna infettione li accidenti occorsi.

Consistono questi nello scoprirsi in alcun de Greci e de soldati ancora certa specie di male, che colla prontezza perb de rimedij f a che li pih vadino rissanando senza pure che vi sia qualiti di communicativa n2 d altre peggiori circonstanze.

Morean War

Yet Morosini feared to move the latter to the coast lest the soldiers might enter the abandoned, and probably infected, houses in search of plun-. The Council decided that the army must be moved to Poros, which was to be completely closed to the Athenians, who could be taken to Nauplia and kept in strict quarantine until all danger had passed. A week later, on March twenty-eighth, there was worse news for the Council. The Athenians apparently had departed and the heavy baggage was ready to be brought down to be packed on the ships, except the galleys and geleazze, when Morosini learned che hieri s habbi pronata 1 infausta crisi di 22 soldati, compreso un Alfiere, caduti con segno letale, oltri 11 altri ai giorno d hoggi.

This meant that there had been more deaths in a single day than in the entire month from February twenty-seventh, when the first cases from the army had entered the Lazaretto. The Council at once decided that all available ships must be used to transport the army elz nzasse to Poros. Accordingly on April fourth the army marched to the and on the morning of the eighthz4embarked for Poros, conosciuto molto aggiustato il sitto per li molti seni che in se racchiude, abbondante d acque dolci col scoglio per 1 us0 delle necessarie separationi colla terra ferma, per allogiarsi, et haver li provedimenti del vivere.

The soldiers were in general kept off the galleys, although it proved impossible to segregate the large number who had been exposed to infection.

The sick were placed on small boats and towed over to the island. These measures were so far successful that only a few sailors were attacked on five of the ships used to transport the army. This letter was read to the Senate on May eighth, and the same day Guasconi was given an excellent summary of the contents, including the opinion of the doctors, by Michele Foscarini, Savio di Settimana, doubtless in order that false rumors might not lead the Florentines to withhold their aid. Thus he wrote on May eighth, before the contents of Morosinis letter were published, that private letters confirmed the rumors that the ma1 contagioso was not only prevalent in the Morea but had also appeared in the army and even in the fleet: Si parla di cib a mezza voce con qualche riguardo di questa publicatione, ni: io con la propria debolezza intendo d oppormi a quello che ne possa essere scritto diversimente,.

On the same evening Teglia wrote the Abate Carlo Antonio Gondi announcing the arrival from Athens of their prot6gC La Rue, fuggendo 1 universal influenza d Athene e di Morea, and it was probably to him that he owed the information in his letter to Secretary Panciatichi on May twelfth: Di dove i. Levante s attendono con desiderio nuovi avvisi migliori della salute di quelle parti, nelle quali da soggetto venuto d Atene L a Rue?

The improvement had continued so rapidly that since Easter April eighteenth there had been no new cases and only three deaths among those still in the Lazaretto.



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